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Pitbull 'fesses up: One thing he can't live without on tour is 'beautiful women'

A rocker-rapper who shows up on TODAY clad in a snug three-piece suit is bound to win over the ladies, and Pitbull did just that during his TODAY visit on Monday.

First off, Pitbull (aka Armando Christian Pérez) cozied up with TODAY's Tamron Hall in the Orange Room while answering questions from fans, and noted that the one thing he can't live without on tour is "beautiful women, like Tamron." Aw. 

He also acknowledged that his pants were, in fact, custom tailored. "My pants are a good investment!" he said.

Later on, the rapper performed two of his hits, "Timber" and "Wild Wild Love," both numbers featuring plenty of beautiful women behind him — actually, those women made up the band G.R.L., who sing with him on the "Love" single.

But he wasn't done charming the TODAY ladies. After his performance, Savannah Guthrie admitted, "You do smell good!" (Pitbull attributed the pleasing scent to his signature cologne.)

The artist has a lot going on, aside from dressing well and smelling nice: He's behind a charter school in his hometown of Miami, and was recently named Playboy Ambassador. Does he have any other goals for 2014?

"Buckle up," he said. "'Cause either you're going to grow with me or get outgrown, ride or get rode, get right or get left."

Sing it!