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People magazine declares Kathie Lee '60 and gorgeous'

Congratulations to our own Kathie Lee for being recognized by People for what we already knew: She looks fabulous at any age!

“She’s 60! And gorgeous,” the magazine declares in its newsstand issue "Gorgeous At Any Age," which features a photo of KLG with her furry friend, Bambino.

“That picture is hot,” Hoda agreed.

Kathie Lee looks stunning in People.

KLG graciously accepted the praise but credited the photographer and her makeup artists for making her look so good.

“They airbrushed me up the wazoo,” she said.

She also singled out one person in particular for helping her to stay looking so fabulous.

“Do you know who I want to thank more than anybody in the world for this great honor? Dr. Patricia Wexler, that’s who I want to thank. Greatest dermatologist in the world!” KLG said. "And one of the nicest, dearest people. I love her.”

KLG also congratulated others featured in People's “gorgeous at any age” feature, including former “View” co-host Joy Behar (70), supermodel Heidi Klum (40) and actress-singer Vanessa Williams (50).

“I’m honored to be among them,” she said.