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Patrick Stewart tries his 'first-ever' pizza slice, tweets results

Now here's a real slice of life.

It may be hard to imagine that someone with as cosmopolitan a reputation as Brooklyn transplant Patrick Stewart (of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "X-Men" fame) has never had a slice of pizza.

But based on a tweet he posted Wednesday -- along with a photo for proof -- the British-born Stewart can now say he's tried that American staple, a classic slice of 'za.



He's also shown holding that typical pizza go-along, a soda. A rather itty-bitty one, at that.

Fans were a little surprised; noted one, "WHAT? How can this be your first ever sir?"

Others queried his choice of baseball cap -- for the Montreal Canadiens' hockey team.

Later in the day, the 72-year-old actor offered up some more details.



Stewart's regular-guy tweets have been intriguing his fans for some time now; earlier in May he crowdsourced his fans for advice about what to do with a baby bird in his backyard. (A fan pointed out it was a baby quail.)

Alas, no follow-up on that story yet.