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Paris and Nicole: From BFFs to sisters-in-law?

Tidbits: With Nicole Richie engaged to baby-daddy Joel Madden, and Paris Hilton inseparable from his twin brother,  the “Simple Life” twosome become sisters-in-law soon.
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With Nicole Richie engaged to baby-daddy Joel Madden, and Paris Hilton inseparable from his twin brother, Benji, the “Simple Life” twosome could go from BFFs to sisters-in-law soon.

The Paris and Benji whirlwind romance, which seemed to come out of nowhere, is suddenly serious. Page Six reported the Good Charlotte guitarist purchased a band from Tiffany & Co., which Paris now wears on her ring finger. He even told his pals, “She’s the one.”

According to TMZ, the two met while they were still in other relationships. Not hard to believe, given that Benji and his former fiancée, Sophie Monk, officially called it quits only two weeks ago.

As for his hookup with Paris, “It was all about the timing,” a source told TMZ.

LiLo’s afraid of the dark Rumors of habitual wagon-slipping have dogged Lindsay Lohan ever since she swigged champagne straight from the bottle on New Year’s Eve. But Lindsay’s pals say her post-rehab party nights have as much to do with personal fears as they do with addiction.

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“Lindsay’s a really nice girl,” a friend told In Touch. “She is also very lonely and insecure. She hates to be alone and is terrified of the dark. She’s like a little kid. And the worst thing is, no one helps her.”

In an effort to avoid spending her nights alone, Lindsay hits the party circuit, and that’s when the real trouble begins. “She hangs around people who drink and do drugs,” another pal revealed to the magazine. “What 21-year-old wants to be sober when none of her friends are?”

As recently as Valentine’s Day, one witness claimed to see Lindsay out with friends and “sneaking sips” of red wine under the dinner table. Days earlier, another spy spotted the celeb drinking champagne and vodka cocktails and boasting to a fellow partygoer that she “only slept three hours last night.”

Despite reports to the contrary, Lindsay’s mom says the party scene isn’t a problem. “Lindsay is absolutely fine,” Dina assured In Touch. “She’s going to go out with her friends, but she isn’t going down a negative path any longer.”

Dish on the fly Though he expected “a nightmare,” Simon Cowell reluctantly admitted to OK! magazine that he enjoyed Paula Abdul’s “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” video. “It was actually quite good!” Then again, failing to find fault in his “American Idol” adversary’s efforts left him disappointed. “It kind of ruined my evening!” … In his new comedy “Semi-Pro,” Will Ferrell sports a bland palette of 1970s leisure garb, and now the funnyman’s ready to work it into his daily look. “I might start wearing neckerchiefs in my personal life,” he told Star. “It’s great if you have any unsightly blemish or hickey. Even a weird Adam’s apple.” … It’s official: The Gene Simmons sex clip currently making the rounds is the real deal. In a post to his Web site, the KISS frontman referred to it as “a video from my past.” Not surprisingly, Gene chalks up the leaked footage to someone’s quest for cash. “The entity behind the garbage has repeatedly tried to make money off of this, and we have always refused. This is not the first time the entity has tried to blackmail and extort us.”

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