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Ouch! Beyonce's hair gets caught in stage fan

Beyonce's Mrs. Carter World Tour has fans flocking to see her performances, but during a Monday night concert in Montreal, one fan just couldn't get enough of her.

While the singer belted out her hit "Halo," she stepped a little too close to a stage-side wind machine and suddenly found her long, blond locks locked in the blades. But it's likely enough that the other fans at the show — the ones who paid to get in — didn't even notice Beyonce's tress distress.

That's because despite the alarming and no doubt painful situation, Beyonce never stopped singing. Sure, she discreetly tugged at her hair a bit — and welcomed a helping hand from security — but the show went on without a hitch.

Eventually, Beyonce found relief and later in the evening, she even found the humor in the situation.

After posting a clip of the hair-raising drama on Instagram, the hitmaker revealed an aptly rewritten version of the "Halo" lyrics.

Monday night wasn't the only time a fan tried to steal the show while Beyonce sang "Halo" on the Mrs. Carter tour. In May, the singer turned the microphone on an eager member of the audience (as she often does) and that fan delivered one very big note.

As for the mishap in Montreal, Beyonce's halo of hair seemed just fine after the incident.