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New 'Bridget Jones' cover revealed, raising questions

Has Bridget Jones become a mom? The cover of Helen Fielding's upcoming novel, "Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy," leaves readers guessing.

A provocative new book cover hints that more than dieting and dating misadventures will be involved when Bridget Jones makes her return to bookshelves in October.

Author Helen Fielding is bringing back the lovable heroine from her best-selling "Bridget Jones" books in her new novel, “Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy.” The cover, featuring a woman sitting on a stool next to high-heeled shoes, as well as a toy giraffe, dinosaur, and teddy bear, leaves readers guessing about whether Bridget has become a mother — or whether the "boy" mentioned in the title is simply another boy in her life.

Author Helen Fielding says her new Bridget Jones novel will be set in present-day London, with Bridget "struggling with baby issues."

Fielding has not commented about whether the beloved character, played by Renee Zellweger in the movie version, has become a mother in the book scheduled to be released on Oct. 10. Fielding did tell PEOPLE that the book will be set in present-day London, and suggested the main character is dealing with a new set of problems.

"Bridget is struggling with baby issues – that sort of baby panic," Fielding told the magazine. "It's going to be talking about babies and life and really the theme of it is expectation: the way life never turns out quite the way you expect."

Fielding has also created a Twitter account for the fictional Bridget Jones, sending out tweets in the voice of the character. Her 1996 novel, "Bridget Jones's Diary,'' and its 1999 sequel have sold nearly 20 million copies combined.