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Need a last minute costume? DIY Halloween tips

Looking for a last-minute costume? Here's how to make these items:


  • 14 Large black trash bags
  • Black tape or dark colored pipe cleaners
  • Thin wire (optional)
  • Plastic cups or red paper for eyes and mouth
  • Stuffing material (newspapers, bubble wrap, packing foam, leaves from your yard) 
  • Scissors  


  • Stuff 1 black trash bag ¾ full of crumpled newspaper (or any type packing material; foam, bubble wrap, leaves from your yard)
  • Gather excess bag at the end and tape closed with black tape
  • Stuff 1 black trash bag ¼ full of crumpled newspaper (or other packing material)
  • Gather excess bag and tape to close
  • Attach the two bags tightly together at ends and tape or wire together


  • Lay 3 bags end-to-end overlapping by about 10 inches.
  • If using wire for bendable legs lay wire on top of bags and cut to the same size.
  • Roll up tight lengthwise and tape at ends and at the area the bags overlap.
  • Make additional synch points along the leg to emulate a spider’s leg joints and to keep the bags rolled snug.
  • Make four long legs.
  • Cut four small slits along one side of the spider body, low and close to the ground.
  • Do the same on the other side matching the approximate slit positions.
  • Thread the legs in one of the slits, weave through the stuffed bags, and pull out the slit on the opposite side.
  • Bend all the legs UP at the body and bend down to replicate a spider legs.


  • Cut 3 red plastic party cups approximately 3” from the bottom. 
  • Glue or tape 2 close together for eyes and 1 underneath for mouth
  • Place him in your house or right in the front yard to greet trick-or-treaters!  


You will need:

  • 2 white trash bags
  • 15 white plastic grocery bags inserted into each other to form a bundle
  • Black sharpie
  • Old wire coat hanger OR a wooden stake
  • String, thread or tape to gather neck
  • Scissor
  • Insert wire coat hanger into bundle of bags
  • Bend if needed to keep bag bundle round
  • Push the hook end through the bottom of the bundle and puncture (pulling wire hook out the top)
  • Tie the exterior bag tight around the hanger
  • Open one white trash bag and feed over the hanger-bag bundle
  • Gather bag approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top, (be sure not to cinch to tightly) and tape or tie
  • Lay second white bag flat on table and cut the bottom open
  • Stretch cut bag up over the gathered part of the first bag
  • Fold the cut end down to form a clean line and tie or tape
  • Hang Bag a Ghost in tree, ledge or awning and watch as he sways in the breeze or, post him on a stake on the front lawn!