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Naomi comes clean about community service

The dress code around the New York City Department of Sanitation has been forever changed, thanks to Naomi Campbell.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

The dress code around the New York City Department of Sanitation has been forever changed, thanks to Naomi Campbell.

So how did a week of good old fashioned hard work affect the notoriously prickly supermodel?

Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson sat down with Naomi for her first interview since completing her community service.

“So what did this experience teach you about yourself?” Shaun asked Naomi.

“Well for me, it was humbling and I just got to be with people and learn a lot about people that I would never really get to meet in my job,” the supermodel replied. “Everyone was well-mannered and very straight up with me and I was straight up with them.”

Straight to the point and maybe a little humble, but only Naomi could manage to make her stint at the sanitation department look just like another fabulous day on the runway.

“I gotta tell you, you gave us a fashion show,” Shaun laughed.

“It wasn’t planned,” Naomi smiled.

But what was planned was her five days of hard labor. So what exactly was the Queen of the Catwalk’s punishment for flinging a phone at her housekeeper?

“I swept and I cleaned walls and tables and offices,” Naomi revealed. “I tidied up.”

“There were reports that you actually had to clean toilets, is that right?” Shaun asked.

“No. I didn’t,” Naomi said.

“There was a guy who you were photographed with called the ‘Sanitation Stud.’ Do you remember him?” Shaun asked.

“Yes, very much. He’s become a friend of mine — he and his wife. I felt terrible when they exposed him in the papers after I left. I thought that was really uncalled for. He was just simply being a really sweet person,” Naomi explained.

“You guys were even connected as a couple,” Shaun pointed out.

“Well, they have to write in their papers something, so they write that,” Naomi said. “I got to have dinner with he and his wife during that week which was really nice.”

Ironically, the cover girl also told Shaun that most of her conversations with journalists don’t always focus on her 21 years as a ground-breaking supermodel. But more often, about her infamous temper.

“How does it affect you to know that people aren’t talking about your accomplishments on the catwalk, but other things that you’d rather them not focus on?” Shaun asked Naomi.

“It doesn’t affect me,” Naomi replied. “I feel like I’ve let people down, but most importantly I’m at the point in my life where I have to be loving to myself and to be at peace with myself and take care of myself which is where I am right now.”

“Does it also mean that you are in a calmer place now and that you react differently?” Shaun followed up.

“I’m in an honest place with myself. I think like seven years ago, I was in a place of denial which I’m not in anymore. And I think I’ve had to look at the people I have around me and I need honesty in my life today — people that tell me the truth, not people who say yes. And I don’t have any yes people left in my life,” Naomi concluded.