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20 Thanksgiving movies to watch with your kids this holiday season

Curl up with a blanket and some hot chocolate for these Thanksgiving movies.
/ Source: TODAY

Whether you’re looking for a movie to keep the kids entertained, or if you’re ready to grab a cozy blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate to curl up on the couch, Thanksgiving movies are the perfect addition to holiday plans.

These movies will help you ring in the spirit of giving with a variety of content available across multiple streaming platforms. So, choose your favorite and grab your kids.

Here are 20 Thanksgiving movies your family can watch this season.

‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’

It’s the classic animated characters we’ve all grown to love across generations. In this installment, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and Woodstock try to cook their very own Thanksgiving meal for their get-together — but things don’t always go as planned.

‘Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow’

In this 2015 Lifetime movie, the Emmerson family (Graham Verchere, Genevieve Buechner and Jay Harrington) takes a trip to the town of Turkey Hollow to visit Aunt Cly (Mary Steenburgen). The kids soon embark on an adventure to track down the Howling Hoodoo, a storied monster who might be more than just legend.

‘Garfield’s Thanksgiving’


Everyone’s favorite hungry cat is looking forward to the most delicious holiday of the year, but this year, his owner makes a decision that could make things turn for the worst — a new diet. 

‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’

Paul Blart (Kevin James) takes his job as the mall’s security guard very seriously, patrolling the aisles on his Segway. His protective instincts are tested when his turf comes under threat by a group of criminals planning a Black Friday heist.

‘Free Birds’

Turkeys take the stage in this animated 2013 movie, banding together despite their differences to travel back in time and remove turkeys from the Thanksgiving menu forever.

‘Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving’

This 1999 classic packs on the nostalgia and features a Thanksgiving adventure for the fan-favorite honey-loving bear and his buddies. Perfect for younger children, part of this movie follows the crew as they search for ingredients for the ideal holiday feast.

‘Turkey Town’

Gobbles the Turkey is excited for his favorite day of the year, so he plans an extravagant celebration with all of his friends including a singing and dancing party.


If you’re looking for a mouth-watering movie as you prepare your own Thanksgiving feast, spend some time with Paris’ only Michelin-starred rat as he chases his dream of becoming a gourmet chef.

‘Home Alone’

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to kick off the Christmas season, and kids are bound to get a laugh from Kevin McCallister’s (Macaulay Culkin) creative traps as he defends his house from thieves (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) all by himself while his family tries to make their way back home.

‘Home Alone 2’

If you’re looking for a double-header, follow up with the second installment of Kevin’s continued battle against the two thieves, this time set in the beautiful city of New York.

‘Mary Poppins Returns’

This reimagined Disney classic is the perfect whimsical adventure to snuggle up to at Thanksgiving. Watch as magical nanny Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) takes the next generation of Banks children on escapades beyond the streets of London.

‘Addams Family Values’

This sequel to the classic Halloween movie features a significant Thanksgiving subplot, where Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) is forced to participate in an upbeat Thanksgiving pageant at her camp. You’ll just have to keep watching to see if she plays along with the charade.

‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’

Though not an explicit Thanksgiving movie, this well-loved stop-motion animation movie has all the themes going for it. Based on a children's book by Roald Dahl, Mr. Fox (George Clooney) breaks his promise to his wife (Meryl Streep) and raids their human neighbors’ farm for food, spotlighting his struggle to balance his nature and his family obligations.

‘Miracle on 34th Street’

As you watch Santa finish off the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in festive fashion, get ready for a Christmas classic, available as both the 1947 original and the 1994 remake. Both versions will have your family exploring the true magic of Christmas and what it means to believe as the Macy’s New York department store navigates an extra special Santa.

‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’

With its PG-13 rating, this movie is suitable for older kids, who are bound to get a laugh out of the chaotic holiday travel that bonds two unlikely men as they race against time to reach their families by Thanksgiving. 

‘Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas’

Though primarily a Christmas movie, this monkey special includes a Thanksgiving segment and perfectly ties together the holiday season as George explores what this time of year is truly all about.


The original and remake of this classic heartwarming story is perfect for a family movie night at Thanksgiving — including a Thanksgiving dinner scene that is bound to melt your hearts. Follow orphan Annie as she moves to a mansion and searches for her birth parents.


Thanksgiving and football go hand-in-hand — so check out this 1993 football movie starring Sean Astin as Rudy Ruettiger, an aspiring football player who overcomes obstacles to gain admission to the University of Notre Dame and join their fabled football team.

‘Home for the Holidays’

Though rated PG-13, this movie explores a classic dysfunctional family reuniting for Thanksgiving dinner, centering around single mother Claudia Larson (Holly Hunter). The evening is sure to be filled with chaos, but also maybe something more between Claudia and her brother’s friend, Leo (Dylan McDermott).


Some might not immediately think of the Sylvester Stallone-led "Rocky" series as a Thanksgiving classic, but the first film in the series, released in 1976, is set during the holidays. The movie follows an amateur boxer who gets a chance to challenge a world heavyweight champion and features a memorable Thanksgiving dinner scene, complete with a quote perfect for anyone struggling to feel the spirit of the holiday.

“It's Thanksgiving," Rocky's love, Adrian, tells him.

"Yeah, to you, but to me it’s Thursday."