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Mix pics of Will Ferrell and Pharrell Williams and what do you get? A 'handsome' man

By themselves, actor Will Ferrell and musician Pharrell Williams are good-looking fellas. But what happens if you mash their images together? Gold, that's what.

An enterprising and creative member of the Imgr web community did just that with pictures of the celebs recently, combining existing photos to create two new images: Will Williams, which leaned heavily on Williams for his facial structure and features, but Ferrell for his curly locks; and Pharrell Ferrell, who was definitely more Ferrell in the face but had the smoothly-shorn hairstyle best worn by the "Happy" singer. 

The Huffington Post, which brought the pictures to mass attention, noted in its headline that "you can't unsee" them. But TODAY anchors were delighted by the transformations on Wednesday, with several of them saying the mash-up created a very "handsome" man.

They were also inspired to create their own mash-up images, based on little other than name similarities, like Carson Daly mixed with actress Tyne Daly, and Savannah Guthrie mixed with a "Saturday Night Live" character created by Gilda Radner, Roseanne Roseannadanna. 

"I'm better looking like that!" said Daly on seeing his picture. "That's crazy."