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Mark Feuerstein announces 'Royal Pains' 'awesome' two-hour holiday special

You'd think filming "Royal Pains" in New York's Hamptons seaside community would be one of the easier jobs an actor could get, but appearances can be deceiving, as star Mark Feuerstein noted during his visit to the TODAY plaza Friday.

"We were shooting ... in the summer for winter, so it was 80 degrees and humid, but we were pretending it was freezing," he laughed. "A lot of sweat, a lot of snowflakes falling down your throat, but it looks great."

All in service of the two-hour holiday special edition of "Royal Pains, which airs on Sunday. Feuerstein stayed cagey about the plot, hinting there's "shady dealings" and the long-awaited wedding between his character's brother Evan and fiancee Paige. 

"It is a movie event!" he cried. "It's going to be awesome!

He also stuck around for TODAY's "Take 3" segment, and talked with the anchors about holiday travel madness, Golden Globes hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, unusual baby names and "airport elves."

So check out the videos, and tune into USA Network Sunday at 9 p.m. for the "awesome" movie event!

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