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Man toted around NYC in baby carrier by '30 Rock's' Grizz Chapman

Web comedian Mark Malkoff is really good at convincing stars to do stuff for him -- like getting celebrities to let him sleep over at their houses. He's not doing so well in trying to convince Bill Murray to come over for dinner — an ongoing effort — but as his newest MyDamnChannel viral video proves, he hasn't lost his touch entirely.

In a new "experiment" that has garnered 250,000 YouTube views in two days, Malkoff gets former "30 Rock" actor Grizz Chapman to carry him around in a baby carrier. Seriously.

"Living in New York City, wherever I go I see parents with babies in Baby Bjorns strapped to their chests," he told TODAY.com. "I was a bit envious how easy babies had it. Also, it got me thinking it might be a fun way to see the city."

In the video, the 7' Grizz totes the 5' 7" Malkoff (who as the video explains, weighs 130 pounds) around the Big Apple, into the subway, and past gawking Gothamites. Meanwhile, Mark has a snack, takes a nap and later holds hands with his wife on a date. "I'm finally taller than my wife," crows Malkoff.

When Grizz asks for a break, Malkoff snaps, "Grizz, stop being such a baby!"

"People have responded to it because it's pure fun," said Malkoff. "I think they probably also appreciate how hard it was for me to pull off. ... (T)he challenge was in successfully strapping me to Grizz, which took a while to figure out."

Meanwhile, Malkoff is already hard at work on his next experiment, which involves calling over 100 countries on Skype. And then there's the Bill Murray pursuit — which may keep him busy for years.

"One of Bill Murray's acquaintances told me Bill doesn't even call back his own friends," he said. "I've still been periodically leaving messages on his 800 number. One of Murray's other acquaintances agreed to direct the dinner. If only Bill knew my wife, Christine, makes an excellent penne a la vodka he'd be at my apartment in Queens in a heartbeat."