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Lindsay Lohan channels Elizabeth Taylor in latest 'Liz & Dick' photos

While Lindsay Lohan deals with recent reports that she failed to pay her hefty tab at Hollywood's famed Chateau Marmont, new images show the actress as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming TV movie "Liz & Dick."

Jack Zeman / Today

Lohan stars with Grant Bowler (Richard Burton) in the Lifetime Original Movie. A previous black and white image showed the two striking a sexy pose, with Bowler kissing a smiling Lohan on the neck.

In the new images, Lohan channels Taylor in three different scenes. One shows Burton and Taylor at their first wedding in Canada, with Taylor wearing a yellow chiffon dress with white blossoms wound through her hair.

The shot of the actress portraying the icon in the back of a car -- as photographers swarm -- feels especially fitting. Although with Lohan, we know all too well that she would be behind the wheel more often than not.


Lohan is also shown doing her best portrayal of Taylor in the 1963 film "Cleopatra." It was here that Taylor and Burton started their "scandalous romance," as Vanity Fair put it, in this thorough examination of when Liz and Dick took root.


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