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Lindsay locks lips with three guys in 24 hours

In feverish 24 hours that’d make Jack Bauer proud, Lindsay swapped spit with three Italian hotties before finding one suitable to bring back to her hotel.
/ Source: contributors

Lindsay Lohan isn’t wasting any tears over her trashed relationship with rehab gossip Riley Giles. While the snowboarder peddled his questionable tales of life with LiLo, the former Disney star practiced French in Italy while attending the Capri Film Festival, reports the Daily Mail. In feverish 24 hours that’d make Jack Bauer proud, Lindsay swapped spit with three Italian hotties before finding one suitable to bring back to her hotel.

Much like frenemy Paris Hilton’s pizza-boy hookup, LiLo first locked lips with waiter Alessandro Di Nunzio. According to the Daily Mail, the short-lived pair met when Lindsay attended a film premier with new friend Hayden Panettiere. LiLo quickly ditched the “Heroes” hottie to have a meal and a make-out session with her temporary Italian boy toy.

Alas, Alessandro was all but forgotten the following day when Lindsay shared an embrace with the much older actor Eduardo Costa at another festival event. And while the newspaper reports Lindsay laughed at old Eduardo’s jokes, she continued to sample Capri’s offerings.

Enter lucky No. 3, actor Dario Faiella, the son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri and the only guy who made it all the way into LiLo’s hotel room. A morning-after photograph on LiLo’s hotel balcony reveals evidence of the pair’s passionate night, with Lindsay laying her hand on Dario’s bare derriére. You go girl!

Jude Law’s birthday visit from Ol’ Blue Eyes A spectral surprise guest crashed Jude Law’s recent Cuban birthday bash — none other than the Chairman of the Morgue, Frank Sinatra. Of course, it could’ve been some undigested bit of beef or too many rum punches, but the Daily Star reports that Jude immediately asked for another room after he caught a glimpse at Ol’ Blue Eyes raiding his mini bar at Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

"You could see he was really spooked by it,” a hotel maid told the newspaper. “To begin with, he was too embarrassed to explain what he'd seen.” Once he did, the hotel staff completely understood. Unbeknownst to the British actor, he booked the same suite Frank insisted upon during his frequent Havana getaways.

"Jude had sampled lots of the hotel's rum cocktails to celebrate his birthday, so he thought it was just a drunken vision,” the maid recounted. "But he came clean when we told him about the room's famous old guest. And he swore that he had caught the crooner crouched at the mini bar, rummaging through the bottles and snacks.”

Dish on the fly It's reality rekindled for Lauren Conrad. Us Weekly spotted LC in a lip-lock with her former "Laguna Beach" beau Stephen Colleti. The report claims the two flirted, chatted and made out at Los Angeles’ Central last weekend. Sounds like Stephen may be heading for "The Hills" soon! … While loads of consumers end their holidays feeling guilty about all the big spending, it's a year-round woe for "I Am Legend" star Will Smith. According to Star, the multimillionaire even saved his receipt after bringing home some Brooks Brothers duds, just so he could show his frugal missus that he got a deal. "Will explained to the salesclerk that Jada [Pinkett-Smith] always tells him to make sure he gets things for free or on sale." … Jenna Fischer knows how to promote a film. Delivering a tempting plug for her latest flick, "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” the erstwhile "Office" actress waxed naughty. "Think '40-Year-Old Virgin' but with full-frontal male nudity, too," Jenna posted to her MySpace blog. "That's right, ladies, we have penis. There is a ton of nudity."

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