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'Let's pretend we understood': Watch supercut treatment of Monroe's best lines on 'Grimm'

"Grimm" can get a little bit dark with its ghastly creatures and bloody battles, but the drama is also full of comedy, thanks in large part to big, bad blutbad (that's "werewolf" to the uninitiated) Monroe. And by "big, bad," we really mean "big teddy bear."

Sure, he woges (transforms) into a scary wolf when his pals need his brute strength, but the guy's got a huge heart — and provides the best chuckles with actor Silas Weir Mitchell's perfectly delivered lines. 

Need proof or just want to revisit some of his classic bits? Check out this supercut video of Monroe's best quotes that NBC is sharing first with TODAY.

"Grimm," now in its third season, airs Friday nights at 9 on NBC.

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