Kim Kardashian's psoriasis diagnosis leads to fight with Kris

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By Ree Hines

On Sunday night’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” bride-to-be Kim learned the cause behind those itchy, red patches she’s suffered from lately. As a TV-ready doctor told her, she has psoriasis.

Kim wasn’t completely shocked to learn about the skin condition because her mother, Kris, has it, too. Still, the confirmation left her unsettled, and rather than going home to mom and bonding over their shared burden, Kim picked a fight instead.

Yes, as Kim and Kris so often do, the pair found a way to battle it out over a not so feud-friendly subject. The problem this time? According to Kim, even though Kris has psoriasis, too — and has had it a heck of a lot longer — she just doesn’t understand!

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