Kermit the Frog takes over TODAY's Orange Room, takes on Twitter

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By Randee Dawn

Kermit may be a frog, but now he tweets! The famous amphibian, who stars alongside his fellow fuzzy pals in "Muppets Most Wanted," took over TODAY's Orange Room Wednesday to reveal his new Twitter account, answer a few questions from fans with Tamron Hall and basically just hang out.

Kermit even hopped into making a behind-the-scenes Instagram shortie.

During his chat with Hall, Kermit officially unveiled his Twitter account, @KermitTheFrog, and noted that the name "makes sense." He added, "I was going to be @AlRoker but it was already taken."

No hard feelings from Roker, who chuckled at the idea and posed with the frog later.



Meanwhile, Kermit's account was so new he had no followers, and he quipped, "Nobody follows me except Miss Piggy." (That changed quickly; within an hour he was up to over 3,500 froggie fans.)

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As for the fan questions, they were directed through TODAY's account and asked Kermit how he managed to stay so young-looking ("this is what an old frog looks like," he said) and about his date nights with Piggy.

"The only thing that we do is we both found we love rolling in the mud," he said.

Hall then risked the wrath of Miss Piggy by taking a selfie with Kermit where she kissed his cheek. "I better watch out," she chuckled. "That girl is tough!"

@RealMissPiggy had no comment ... yet.

Fans were instantly thrilled with Kermit's new Twitter account.







And Kermit was happy to stick around to make a new pal in the Orange Room (which sported a green logo for the occasion).



Later, he jumped back on and brought his pal Miss Piggy, and the pair chatted with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

"We're in a committed relationship," he said of his long-simmering romance with the pig.

"He is the only frog in my life," said Piggy, who then dropped a major announcement. "If you want to see moi, you are going to have to see this movie," she said of "Most Wanted." "This is my last farewell, (my) swan song."

Kermit wasn't buying it, though. "She's just trying to get you to go see the movie, that's all."

"This woman will never retire, because her ego won't let her," said Gifford, who had bickered with the pig on an earlier backstage segment.

"There's probably a great line, 'Old pigs never retire, they just ....'" suggested Kermit.

"Keep making 'Muppet' movies," insisted Gifford.

"Muppets Most Wanted" opens in theaters on March 21.