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Katharine McPhee says CD will surprise fans

‘The record is not what people are going to expect’ says ‘Idol’ runner-up of her new self-titled album.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Katharine McPhee is one busy woman.

Access Hollywood was the only show granted behind the scenes access when Katharine brought the McPheever to “Ugly Betty” to shoot her upcoming cameo and we were also the only show on the set of Kat’s first music video, which is debuting just one day after the release of her first album.


But her hectic schedule hasn’t slowed Katharine down. When Access’ Maria Menounos visited the set of her video for the single “Over It,” Maria found a warm and excited pop star ready to climb the charts.

“How’s the shoot going?” Maria asked Katharine as she hustled between takes.

“I’m having a blast,” McPhee beamed.

The expectations for Katharine’s self-titled album (in stores Tuesday) are high, and for all those who are wondering — “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” it is not!

“The record is not what people are going to expect,” Katharine said.

“Do you feel any pressure with that, hoping the fans are going to take to it?” Maria asked her.

“I really don’t feel pressure,” Katharine said. “I think people will come away from the record feeling like they know me a little better.”

And so did Maria, who then put McPhee to the McTest with a game of fact or fiction.

Maria: “Fact or fiction? During ‘Idol’ you would sneak out to see your boyfriend.”

Katharine: “That is fact.”

Maria: “Did you ever get caught?”

Katharine: “No. I am very sneaky.”

Maria: “Fact or fiction? You have been approached to play Wonder Woman.”

Katharine: “I believe that’s fiction.”

Then it was time for Katharine to clear up one popular rumor.

“Fact or fiction? You have been associated with Scientology,” Maria asked.

“Well, let’s get this rumor straightened out right here, right now. Everybody open your ears,” Katharine said. “I liked a guy who was really cute and I was really into him and he was into Scientology.”

“So you studied it because of him?” Maria asked.

“Yes. But I am not a Scientologist. I know a lot of Scientologists and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing,” McPhee explained. “So I guess in a way, that’s fact but also fiction because I’m not a Scientologist.”