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Kate makes herself at home with A-Rod

The latest update from the land of the clingy involves Hudson’s tendency to stay at Alex Rodriguez's place — even when he’s traveling with the team.
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Kate Hudson will make a husband out of New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez yet. The latest update from the land of the clingy involves Hudson’s tendency to stay at A-Rod’s place — even when he’s traveling with the team.

“Kate’s always at his New York apartment, even on the days when he’s on the road. She’s made herself quite comfortable in his life. She’s met his oldest daughter and her son likes Alex,” according to a friend of Hudson’s who spoke to In Touch. The friend then stated the obvious when she said, “Kate has become very serious about him.”

If you’re keeping track at home: Hudson and Rodriguez have been together five months, and that’s enough time to start wedding planning, at least for Hudson, who does appear to get close to her boyfriends exceptionally quickly.

The source told In Touch that Hudson does hear wedding bells, “but it’s unlikely that it’s headed toward marriage for him. He’s taking it slow and seeing where it goes.”

‘Da Vinci Code’ author saves book biz by way of gravity boots Author Dan Brown, who penned “The Da Vinci Code” and the upcoming “The Lost Symbol,” makes Vanity Fair’s 2009 New Establishment list. His past commercial success is obvious, but you might not have considered this: Brown’s upcoming book, which will be released Sept. 15, will have a first print run of 5 million copies. That’s enough, some say, to single-handedly save the publishing industry.

To give some perspective: The late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s book “True Compass,” which has been pushed up from its initial Oct. 6 release to a release on Sept. 14, has a first run of 1.5 million copies.

But then there’s this little tidbit Vanity Fair dusted off, just in case Brown was seeming too scholarly: Brown “once told an audience that he often uses a pair of gravity boots when he’s suffering from writer’s block, as he finds that hanging upside down offers him new perspectives, in both the literal and the literary sense.”

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From the appalled yet cannot look away file: A new episode of “Toddlers & Tiaras” airs on TLC on Wednesday, and with all due respect to aspiring Carrie Prejeans of the world, this show can make one seriously question whether the pageant circuit is the best use of a toddler’s time. Or whether it should be part of anyone’s time.

As for what to read: I’ll be anxiously awaiting an early look at the Vanity Fair piece Levi Johnston penned. Here’s the thing: Johnston’s 15 minutes seems to have blossomed into 90 at this point. Can he really have something substantial to add to the dialogue? Do we all need to keep non-disclosure agreements in the guest bedrooms? Enough is enough, Levi.

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