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Kate: Kids think I should've won 'Dancing'

Kate Gosselin is months removed from her short-lived stint on "Dancing with the Stars," but her "Plus 8" bunch still aren't over it.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Kate Gosselin is months removed from her short-lived stint on "Dancing with the Stars," but her "Plus 8" bunch still aren't over it.

"The girls [watch the tapes] and they still swear that I'm the best dancer on there. God bless them," Gosselin told Access Hollywood on Friday, while promoting her new reality show, "Kate Plus 8," which premieres on TLC on Sunday at 9 PM, followed by "The Bakery Bunch" at 10 PM. "They still don't understand why I didn't win. I go, 'Guys! Seriously?' They go, 'No, mommy. You were the best!' They still insist. That's love."

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While adults may know the truth about Kate's "Dancing" skills, what the public is still confused over are some of the many rumors in the tabloids — rumors Kate tackled with Access Hollywood, starting with one that she's in the running for the cast of "The Celebrity Apprentice."

"I am not, but you can see how it would get started. A picture with Donald [Trump] and off and running," she said, referencing a photo which was taken of her with Donald and Melania Trump backstage at the Lady Gaga concert in New York on July 7. "It's an example of yet another set of rumors. Right now I think I have enough on my plate... not thinking about it, but obviously everyone else is."

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Kate also shot down the rumor she has airbrushed abs, something Us Weekly questioned, previously quoting the owner of a tanning product line, who suggested Kate made herself look more trim through fake bake.

"No, I don't have airbrushed abs. Like it's called hard work. I run," she said of the suggestion. "It's just pathetic. I didn't even know about that... I did 'The View' the other day and they were talking about the contouring of the body [with] spray tanning. I didn't even know that existed.... I wouldn't waste my time."

Kate also shot down OK! Magazine's recent cover story, "How I Lost 10 LBS In 10 Days," but said it wasn't the worst incorrect story she's heard.

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"Did you lose 10 lbs in 10 days?" Access asked.

"No. I think that started because they noticed me running outside and started clocking how far I was running," Kate explained. "I did lose a couple of pounds... I mean, [it happens] when you really start really running a lot of miles every day. That's probably not the most outlandish one because I probably did lose six pounds in a couple of weeks. I'll give them credit because it was at least somewhere close."

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