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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon go 'bro biking' in the Hamptons

Just a pop singer and a late-night host enjoying a leisurely stroll on a bike.
/ Source: TODAY

Justin Timberlake is having a seriously #goals weekend by the beach.

"Just biking through the Hamptons ... so beautiful!" the singer, actor, producer, and showman of our time narrates a video he posted to Instagram on Saturday.

Then Timberlake, 36, pans back to show his biking partner. No, not wife Jessica Biel ... or his fellow 'NSYNC members, unfortunately ...

It's Jimmy Fallon!

"BRO BIKING!" Fallon, 42, yells, quickly echoed by Timberlake.

We'd say that it looks like they had a great ride, but we really just saw them go back and forth down an empty street.


What is it that they say about men not wanting to ask for directions?

The two have spoken before about their love of tandem biking, when they took the Best Friends Challenge on "The Tonight Show."

"My wife bought me a tandem bicycle ... and we never ride it, my wife and I," Fallon said.

"But Jimmy and I ride it," added Timberlake with a mischievous giggle, as Fallon was moved nearly to tears. The two joked about starting a show to document their adventures, and we're not opposed.

Now, who wants to volunteer to buy these bro-BFFs a paddleboat?