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Johnny Depp, Jon Hamm and Ryan Reynolds to guest on 'Family Guy'

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"Family Guy's" Griffin family.

They're some of the most handsome guys in the biz, but this fall, Johnny Depp, Jon Hamm and Ryan Reynolds' voices will take center stage. All three actors are slated to appear on "Family Guy's" new season, premiering Sunday, Sept. 30 on Fox.

Depp, 49, will play an animated version of his beloved Tim Burton-created character, Edward Scissorhands; "Mad Men's" Hamm, 41, and "Safe House's" Reynolds, 35, will also guest star later in the season. 

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"Family Guy" isn't the only Fox cartoon with a star-studded lineup; Zach Galifianakis, Nick Offerman, Kevin Kline, Jeffrey Tambor, Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader and Sarah Silverman will voice characters on "Bob's Burgers," while Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, ?uestlove and Sofia Vergara will appear on "The Cleveland Show." 

"Star Trek" fans may want to tune in to "American Dad" for a guest appearance by Patrick Stewart, who will play himself; Alison Brie, Danny Glover, Charlie Day, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Rupert Grint will also show up over the course of the season.

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As for the longest running show in Fox's lineup, "The Simpsons"? Zooey Deschanel will guest star as Bart Simpson's new love interest, while Steve Carell will play one of Homer's bowling buddies. 

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