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John Rich brings on the 'Night' for fans during Thanksgiving week

Wherever he goes, country music star John Rich is a "spark plug," as TODAY's Hoda Kotb described him during Tuesday's visit. And on his new TV special "Rich at Night," he'll show how he can spark with all kinds of guests who join him right in his Nashville home.

Serving those guests alcohol may help in the repartee, he suggested; most chats take place at the bar in his house. For example, during Wynonna Judd's visit, she said she was a "champagne kind of girl," but Rich didn't buy it, reminding her he knew she was a fan of Patrón Silver (a tequila). 

"The last time I had Patrón Silver, I bit someone," he said Judd told him.

"I'm not sure she would say that on Jay Leno," chuckled Rich (who sings in country duo Big and Rich), adding that having a TV show is a "wild dream of mine... It's backbone kinda America kinda fun."

And speaking of fun, Rich came armed with his guitar ... and a special song, for Kathie Lee Gifford (he'd done one for Kotb on another occasion). "I literally wrote this on the plane," he told her, before launching into a jaunty holiday-themed song about wanting her under his Christmas tree. "Kathie Lee, put a bow in your hair and kiss my cheek," he sang.

And she did!

"Rich at Night" airs on TV Guide Network on Nov. 25 at 8 p.m. and will play throughout the Thanksgiving week.