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James Blunt brightens up TODAY plaza with his 'Bonfire Heart'

The weather might not have been so cheerful on Monday morning, but the occasional drizzle on the TODAY plaza did nothing to dampen James Blunt's spirits. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, who made his U.S. TV debut on TODAY in 2005, brought the sunshine out all by himself by singing two of his tunes, "Bonfire Heart" and "1973."

"Bonfire Heart" is a new tune for Blunt and as he explained to TODAY's Savannah Guthrie, the video for the song (off of his fourth album "Moon Landing," out Nov. 5) was filmed in Wyoming and Idaho and is a mix between "Top Gun" and "Brokeback Mountain."

All joking aside, the song's video stars real people, rather than actors — including a newly-married couple who happened to be in a bar and "spilled out into the car park" where the video was filming. 

"(They) are genuinely having their first dance," in the video, explained Blunt. "What you're seeing is the most genuine first dance in the world.... My music video became their wedding video, which was very sweet."