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Jack Nicholson shatters hoop dreams with diss of two young Clippers fans

Mark J. Terrill / Today
Jack Nicholson, right, and producer James L. Brooks laugh it up at Staples Center in L.A. Thursday night.

Update: Braelee Albert, one of the kids caught on camera with Jack Nicholson, has been busy tweeting at everyone who wrote about the apparent snub. Braelee said Nicholson wasn't mean to him and his friend Oliver, and that the actor was "really nice" after the camera cut off. The original story follows:

Kids these days. They want it all. Not satisfied with being within a step of Jack Nicholson at the Los Angeles Clippers game Thursday night, two youngsters looking for a shake and maybe a selfie got shade instead from the famed actor

Nicholson, a longtime regular at Los Angeles Lakers games, turned out for Game 6 of the NBA playoff series between the Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder at the Staples Center.

A Vine video caught a couple of youngsters looking for a meet-and-greet with the 77-year-old celebrity. What they got was snubbed. One kid bumped Nicholson hello on his shoulder and readied his phone. The other kid confidently held out his hand only to retract it as Nicholson looked down at the floor. Burrrrrn.

Oh, well. Hopefully these young men learned a valuable lesson about respecting the private space of famous people in public. Celebrities want to avoid being hassled for hellos and handshakes just like the rest of us.

Nicholson can't just cozy up to every person who wants to touch him or take a picture.

Oh! Well ... how you doin'? ...

Noel Vasquez / Today
Jack Nicholson poses with a fan courtside at a Lakers game in January.

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