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‘Idol’ fans delighted to see twins sent home

Ace, Paris, Kelly, Taylor are among reader favorites
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"American Idol" has started whittling down the singers, getting ever closer to the 12 finalists. Viewers have already started rooting for their favorites, and are eager to see some other singers say "Sayonara."

A hot topic this week was the behavior of Terrell and Derrell Brittenum. The two mouthy boys when Derrell ranted about the judges and quit even though he'd been passed through to the next day. Turns out he thought his brother had already been booted and that he was supporting him, but when he found out his brother was still in, he came groveling back. The judges relented, but the twins' got them booted anyway the very next night, only it happened offstage.

Here are some of your comments.

THOSE TROUBLESOME TWINS“The Brittenum twins got on my last nerve from the beginning! I, for one, am glad that they are gone never to return. I think the cameras wasted much too much time on them when they could have been showing us so many of the other contestants and what they were feeling and going through.”    --Judi

“I think the Brittenum twins were a colossial waste of airtime. The Brittenum debacle only gives American Idol a Jerry Springer-ish feel, when in fact this program is a wonderful platform for fantastic personalities with awesome talent. Why feature this kind of junk TV and cheapen what should be a highly respected program?”    --Kathy

“Hooray for Idol for finally booting those annoying Brittenums! Too bad it took so long and I’m sure if they do make an album that some people might buy it just because of their A.I. exposure. While I’m definitely against illegal downloading of music, I hope that someone will find a way to do it with a Brittenum recording, if that becomes a reality, so those criminals will know what it is like to be violated by someone else. Their “talent” appears to be crime and mouthing off, their singing is mediocre at best.”    --Barbie

“I was shocked in the first place that the Brittenum twins got as far as they did. After watching all of their remarks-especially referring to how Carrie shouldn’t have been an idol... America voted for her, why are you saying this to us?? Then the one twin made the remark of how he was leaving the competition; Simon only let them stay was for America to boot them out! Fortunately they are gone before we had to.”    --Sarah

GENDER BIAS“I dont understand why it has to be 12 girls and 12 guys. Shouldn’t it just be the best 24 people? I mean some girls got sent home that can sing better than some of the guys who got through.....we are looking for “American Idol”...not American Male or Female. Lisa Tucker is the best singer of the 24...and Brittenum twins got what they deserved!”    --Trish

ACES HIGH“Yummy Ace of course.. He is hot and when he sings you feel like he is singing to you.. Way hotter than any guy last season.. ... And the gray haired guy, I cannot wait to hear what he sings with those chops of his. I am interested in seeing if he changes his appearance once he gets into the top 12. Maybe to ‘look’ the part.”    --Shannon

PICKING PICKLER“I think that Kelly PIC-PIC-Pickler should win cause she is awesome and is really sweet, humble, and not bad looking!”    --Joshua

TAYLOR IS TOPS“My favorite is Taylor Hicks. He is such an inspiration to listen to. He seems to be a bit shy, but he can really sing. I am so glad the Brittenum twins were kicked off because they were just too arrogant and cocky.”    --Linda

NORTH CAROLINA FAN“Check out NC again, making a strong showing yet again, with 4 of the final 24. They are a strong group too, 3 of them being legitimate contenders. I like Chris Daughtry the best so far, and it would be nice to see a legitimate rocker make it this time. Bo was cool, but Chris can wail man. Blistering vocals.”    --Lee

NO FAN OF BABY TALK“I love Kelly Pickler, Kathrine, Ace, and Chris. They are fabulous. The rest can go home. Especially Paris... Stop with the “I’m so cute I sound like a baby when I talk.” She annoying and needs to go home.   --Kendra

RATINGS SCHMATINGS“I think the only reason it is doing so good in the rating is because the other channels are so boring and their programming sucks. I know that’s the only reason I have been watching. The Grammy’s boring, The Olympics boring, etc. etc. --Nichala

HUMBLING SIMON“My favorite is Mandissa. She has accomplished something that no other contestant have been able to do. That is: humble Simon. You go Girl!”    --AHL

NO JOY IN SIMONVILLE“How did Simon Cowell ever get a job, especially doing this? How can a living person be so void of joyfulness in his life? Who cares what he thinks anyway? What a waste of time watching him say anything would be.”    --Anonymous