Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart take over 'Late Night'

:Image: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen on "Late Night"
Peter Kramer/NBC
By Anna Chan

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers not only invited Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on the show to help him wrap up his first week of hosting Friday, he let the two gentlemen take over for a bit.

"You were saying ,.. you want to host a show like this," Meyers prompted McKellen. 

"Like this? Hmm ...," the award-winning actor replied, not impressed by the production. "You're right. ... The idea of coming out and having your own tune, your own music, your own band, the audience who never stop ..."

And Stewart? "Oh yeah, absolutely. ... With these guys," he enthused before running over to the Studio 8G band to act as conductor — a role that is currently non-existent. 

"Do you have any musical skills?" Meyers wondered.

"Pfft! Are you crazy, man?!" Sir Patrick shot back. "Would I be here if I had musical skills?!"

Though it may be a dream of McKellen's to host a talk show, perhaps he should stick to his successful acting career. "Settle down, Patrick. Come and sit next to (Fallon) ... uhh ... Seth," he erred after his pal successfully conducted the band. 

After getting bored with what "his guests" Meyers and Stewart had to say, McKellen turned the attention back to himself.

"What I like most about being a chat show host is that, you see ... my guests are on fixed seats. They can't move, but I can move!" he said, spinning with flourish in his host's chair. 



But of course, no chat with "two of the greatest actors of our time," as Meyers referred to the duo, would be complete without discussion of their amazing friendship. Specifically, their bromance, which they frequently share proof of with fans via social media.

"You maybe have the most chemistry on Instagram of anyone I've ever seen," Meyers noted before showing off one of his "favorite things (he's) ever seen," a photo of Stewart and McKellen in a Seahawks and Broncos jersey, respectively, just ahead of the Super Bowl. 

"You do look a little like a puppet who's not being properly operated," the host noted of McKellen's expression.

But the jokes about the much loved image didn't end there. 

"There are people ... who've looked at that photograph and think (McKellen's) you're not wearing anything underneath the shirt!" Stewart laughed. 

"It wasn't football, was it? It was basketball!" McKellen quipped about the game they were teasing in the photo. 

Viewers were just as delighted by the pair's joint interview as they are with the duo's photos on social media.







The delightful pair may not have their own TV show (at least not yet), but fans can see the two of them in action together in two plays currently running on Broadway: "Waiting for Godot" and "No Man's Land."

"Late Night With Seth Meyers" airs at 12:35 a.m. weeknights on NBC.