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‘I hate L.A.!’ Britney (briefly) escapes to Atlanta

After another bad court day in L.A., a newly brunette Britney Spears left the so-called “City of Angels” for a weekend in Atlanta to get a little rest, relaxation and retail therapy, reports People.
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After another bad court day in L.A., a newly brunette Britney Spears left the so-called “City of Angels” for a weekend in Atlanta to get a little rest, relaxation and retail therapy, reports People.

Charged with hit-and-run causing property damage and driving without a valid license, the automotive-impaired pop star was spotted shopping at Hot-lanta’s Intermix by a spy for the New York Post’s Page Six, who overheard Britney proclaim “I HATE L.A., I'm so sick of that town. I don't want anyone to know I'm here in Atlanta.”

In keeping with this wish, Britney apparently did her best to go unnoticed. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Britney told a Juicy Couture assistant manager that she was in the southern city to de-stress and avoid paparazzi. “Unless you actually spoke to her for a minute, you wouldn’t have recognized her,” the assistant manager told the paper. “She was very well put together and she was really quiet. The people with her were actually causing more commotion. After a while, it was like, ‘Oh, please. You're nobody. Stop.’ ”

Another clerk told People that Britney was on her best behavior, sweet and complimentary to most everyone she met. “She was looking for something to wear that night and spent way less than $1,000,” the saleswoman said. “Really, she was just in a rush, trying to get in and out. She was done in about 20 minutes.” Britney’s purchases included a purple dog carrier, a brown eyelet bikini from the sale rack and a shirt or two, the saleswoman said. Britney was back in her hated L.A. by Monday.

Jealous, insecure Angelina Jolie
It just goes to show, you can be considered the hottest woman on Planet Earth, steal the hottest guy from the hottest sitcom star, and adopt children from all the hottest third world countries, and still suffer from severe insecurity. So it seems for Angelina Jolie, who, according to Life & Style magazine, is so unconfident, she sneaks peeks at Brad Pitt’s e-mail. Not only that, “Brad says Angelina is so insecure, he’s caught her going through his pockets on more than one occasion,” one Pitt family insider told the magazine.

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He didn’t leave her, however. According to a friend of Angelina’s, he came up with a compromise. “Brad asked Angie to consider making their relationship an open one,” Angelina’s friend told Life & Style. “His idea is that when they’re apart, he can be with other women and she can be with other people.” Hmmm…that won’t look good on the next adoption application.

Dish on the fly …
Admitted emotional eater Oprah Winfrey appears to be hitting the refrigerator pretty hard lately, reports Life & Style. Celeb trainer Jim Ryno told the magazine that the talk show dynamo appears to have gained 17 pounds recently, and is up 30 pounds overall from her lowest weight in 1994. … Amy Winehouse didn’t let her recent Music of Black Origins award keep her from another scream-fest with husband Blake Fielder-Civil, reports the U.K. Sun. Moments before her performance at the British awards show, the rehabbed singer was heard shouting on the phone with her hubby who threatened to slit his wrists. Rather than rushing home to check on Blake’s well-being, however, Amy stayed for the after-party bash where she hung out with film director Quentin Tarantino. … In case you were wondering, that is not, we repeat NOT White Stripes drummer Meg White, having sex on that video currently circulating the Internet. According to TMZ investigators, it’s just some cute girl who happens to look an awful lot like Meg. “Some people have a very twisted sense of humor and this prank is in particularly bad taste,” Meg’s reps told the celebrity Web site.

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