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Hulk Hogan's son Nick headed to adult jail?

Hulk Hogan's son, Nick, is currently residing in a juvenile correction facility, but as his 18th birthday is approaching, he could be moved to an adult jail.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Nick Bollea is turning 18 on July 27, but he won’t celebrating the monumental birthday by registering to vote or buying a lottery ticket. Instead, he may mark the occasion by moving from a juvenile prison into an adult facility on his special day.

“Nick will be reclassified when he turns 18 on Sunday, July 27,” Nick’s attorney told Access Hollywood. “How the sheriff handles Nick’s situation at the Pinellas County facility at that time is at the [discretion] of the sheriff, and it is premature to judge what those housing conditions might be.”

Regardless of whether Nick stays in the juvenile facility or is transferred to an adult prison, the Hogan camp says they will be closely watching Nick’s possible change of residence.

“We will be monitoring the situation with the hope that any adjustment to Nick’s housing that the sheriff might make is appropriate and proper,” Nick’s lawyer said.

Nick is serving an eight-month sentence after pleading no contest to felony reckless driving, which led to a crash that left his friend, John Graziano, paralyzed.