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Hoda's true self revealed on delayed flight home


A Kathie Lee tenet went swirling through Hoda’s mind when she got stuck for several hours on a hot, uncomfortable airplane in Washington: You are how you react.

Hoda had flown into the nation’s capital on Tuesday to give a presentation to student journalists. She was supposed to head back to New York on a 5 pm shuttle – allowing her plenty of time to grab dinner and walk her dog – when her flight got delayed for various reasons, including mechanical troubles that required jumper cables for the plane.

Finally, when they were ready to take off, an hour and a half delay at LaGuardia blocked the departure even further.

“Did they start serving booze at this point?” Kathie Lee wanted to know.

Nope, only granola bars and water, Hoda said to an incredulous KLG.

"Nobody wants that!" KLG screamed.

"Nobody was interested in that!" Hoda agreed.

As Hoda got increasingly agitated, she recalled how Kathie Lee likes to point out that people's reaction to events – like getting cut off in traffic – reveals far more about someone's character than their normal behavior.

“I was thinking about that when I was sitting there because I started to go crazy," she said. "I started to have that thing where I was like, ‘Someone move this bag of bolts!’”

Fortunately, everyone around her was surprisingly calm. KLG said Hoda was probably anxious to get home to her dog.

“You’re a mother now,” she said.