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Heavy drinkers and kids: Who can you ban from weddings?

Boorish wedding guests can be the worst, but what about babies?

A British tabloid is reporting that Angelina Jolie wants to forbid heavy drinkers from her wedding, which could mean snubs for certain celebrity pals of Brad Pitt.

Jonah Hill, Quentin Tarantino, Philip Seymour Hoffman, George Clooney and Hoda and I will not be attending her wedding,” KLG announced Thursday, grouping herself and Hoda in that famously raucous group.

The topic got the ladies debating a question that gets posed often to newly-engaged couples.

“Is it okay to ban certain friends from your wedding, and what about their kids?” KLG said.

Hoda agreed that children can change the dynamics of formal events like weddings.

“That’s an issue because sometimes you don’t want it to turn into THAT kind of event,” Hoda said.

KLG had plenty of kids at her own wedding since it included all the grandchildren of hubby Frank Gifford.

“Nothing in life prepares you for that,” quipped KLG, who often refers to her 23-year age gap with Gifford.

“He had been married a couple times more. And he had some kids – who had some kids,” she said.

Nearly 27 years later, those younglings have since grown up and KLG said everyone gets along, uh, great.

“No, we do,” she then insisted. "We get along fine.”

What do you think? Is it okay to ban certain guests from your wedding?