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'Go On' star John Cho: Matthew Perry is my comedy hero

Playing opposite your admitted "comedy hero" could be daunting for most actors, but "Go On's" John Cho -- who co-stars with that hero, Matthew Perry -- is taking it all in stride.

"He was Joey on 'Friends,' did you realize that?" he asked on TODAY, tongue firmly in cheek. When corrected -- Perry played Chandler -- Cho brushed it off. "Whatever! ... I've stolen so much from him over the years that sometimes I feel like I'm doing him ... to him on set. It's weird."

On the show, Cho plays boss to Perry's grief-stricken character, who's struggling to cope after losing his wife.

"Most people deal with grief in an awkward way, and that can be funny," said Cho. "At least, sitting on your couch watching."

But Cho knew how to be tight-lipped when necessary, and threw a diversion out when asked to offer spoilers for the upcoming "Star Trek" sequel (he plays Sulu). 

"The plot involves snakes on the plane ... Death Star blows up in the end ... big explosion in space!" he laughed.

Oh, go on.

"Go On" airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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