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Gilles Marini is recovering after surgery

“(I’m) a little drowsy, hurt and dizzy,” the “Dancing With the Stars” runner-up told Billy Bush.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Gilles Marini is recovering at home following a successful surgery Wednesday morning to repair his separated shoulder, which he injured this season on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“(I’m) a little drowsy, hurt and dizzy,” the “DWTS” runner-up told Billy Bush.

Marini said his surgery, which took place at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, ended up more complicated than his doctor first suspected.

“When he went in he realized the damage was much more (than he imagined) so he had to do three different little (surgeries) in there,” Marini explained. “I separated (my shoulder while performing) the first dance during the show. I had to dance for two months like that so I guess things happen in there. But that’s what (doctors are) here for. … (The doctor) told me I will be fine, so I’m happy.”

The actor said he is skipping heavy medication and trying to battle through the surgery pain.

“I took that — I think it’s called Vicodin — and it kills me so I (stopped). But now pain is my friend. It’s like, right there,” Marini said. “But I cannot take that medicine. It makes me all weird.”

Wife Carole is helping nurse Marini back to health.

“She’s cleaning up, she’s taking care of me,” he said. “She even fed me cereal this morning. I love my life a little bit right now … She gave me a head massage. I love this!”

During his procedure, Marini kept some clothing on as he was worried the surgery drugs would prompt an accidental rear-end flashing experience in the medical facility.

“I kept my underwear on,” he revealed. “I knew that, ‘Oh my god, I’m kind of delirious,’ and I knew I would just take that (IV) thing off and start walking around with my butt out so I decided, ‘Can I please (keep) my underwear?’ Because (otherwise it will end up with) like, a funny picture in the magazine.”