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Get Your Winning Charlie Sheen Souvenirs!

Just think, you might be able to have your own Charlie Sheen "Tiger Blood Machete" by Christmas time. Or perhaps some "Biwinning Bifocals!"
/ Source: E!online

Just think, you might be able to have your own Charlie Sheen "Tiger Blood Machete" by Christmas time. Or perhaps some "Biwinning Bifocals!"

The actor has inked a merchandising and licensing deal with concert behemoth Live Nation that one day may yield a live show, but first will be putting everybody's new favorite sayings--plus a new classic, "Unemployed Winner"--on mugs, T-shirts and anything else you can slap a slogan on, E! News has exclusively learned.

No wonder Sheen was in such a good mood earlier, despite being canned!

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"Being fired has only made him more popular because he is standing up for himself," Joey Scoleri, Live Nation's Senior VP for Tour Marketing &Promotion, tells E! News. "He is a folk hero."

Well, you don't have to tell Charlie that.

Scoleri, who worked on the deal with the former Two and a Half Men star and his management team, says that the line of Sheen merchandise will first be available online--they're hammering out an agreement to get up and running--with the plan being to eventually sell the goodies in stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Hot Topic.

"We're hoping to have some of the items for sale as soon as next week," Scoleri adds. "It's all coming together really quickly. He's got a lot of brilliant ideas." (Once again, something you don't have to bother telling Sheen.)

This deal is apparently why Sheen was at the Live Nation office in Beverly Hills this afternoon. The meeting probably didn't require a trip to the roof, but... Sheen likes to improvise.

A source close to the deal says that the Emmy-nominated actor impressed the Live Nation execs with his vision for the next stage of his career.

"He wants to connect personally with his fans and getting out there on a tour and seeing people in person really appeals to him," the source says.

Hence the idea being floated about a live show, akin to what Conan O'Brien did between losing The Tonight Show and starting Conan at TBS.

Planning is in "the very early stages," the insider says, but Sheen has "a well thought-out game plan for something that could be a touring venture."

Charlie and Conan "both got kicked off television; they both got railroaded; and they both are highly successful television personalities with rabid fan bases," the source adds. "He is not a comedian, but he can do his own thing, and Charlie is obsessed with winning."

So we've heard.

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