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The idea of doing a 'Friends' reunion is giving Matthew Perry nightmares

Perry, aka Chandler Bing, isn't so sure a reunion would be a good idea.
/ Source: TODAY

A “Friends” reunion would be a dream come true, wouldn’t it? For longtime fans of the show, absolutely. For one of the show’s stars — no way.

In fact, the mere idea of a reunion haunts Matthew Perry in his sleep.

“I have this recurring nightmare — I’m not kidding about this. When I’m asleep, I have this nightmare that we do ‘Friends’ again and nobody cares,” the 47-year-old actor told Variety. “We do a whole series, we come back, and nobody cares about it. So if anybody asks me, I’m gonna say no.”

Perry may be underestimating the fan interest in a “Friends” revival just a tad, considering how popular the sitcom remains in reruns and on Netflix. If he and his co-stars — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc — did come back, a whole lot of people would care about it.

Cast Of "Friends" 1999 2000 Season From L R: David Schwimmer Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Ar
Don't show this picture to Matthew Perry. He may lose sleep over it.Getty Images / Getty Images

However, there’s another reason why he’d be reluctant to team up with the rest of the cast again and reprise his role of Chandler.

“The thing is: We ended on such a high. We can’t beat it. Why would we go and do it again?” he asked.

In other words, it would take a lot of convincing to get Perry to agree to a reunion.

Janice and Chandler - Maggie Wheeler and Matthew Perry on "Friends"
Chandler Bing isn't interested in a reunion? Oh ... my ... God.NBC

To be fair, he’s not the only “Friends” star to suggest that the show couldn’t work in this day and age.

"We were jokingly saying that if 'Friends' was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into iPhones," Aniston recently joked on Arianna Huffington‘s Thrive Global Podcast on iHeartRadio.

In any event, Perry is too busy these days to hang out with Aniston and the gang at Central Perk, having recently brought his play, “The End of Longing,” to New York after a run in London.

We can only hope the production hasn’t been giving him nightmares.

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