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Ellen sends well wishes to Emmy host Seacrest

Talk show host sent him a bottle of wine and a massage gift certificate
/ Source: Access Hollywood

In just four days, Ryan Seacrest will take the Emmy hosting reins from Ellen DeGeneres (with an in-between baton hand-off from last year, when Conan O’Brien hosted). In front of her very energetic talk show audience, she told “Access Hollywood’s” Tony Potts that she’s rooting for her replacement, who is also her good friend.

“Ryan Seacrest is going to be the host. You sent him a note?” Potts asked DeGeneres.

“Uh yeah, I said what could possibly go wrong and I sent him a bottle of wine and a gift certificate for a massage cause that is a lot. He works so hard, he gets up so early, he works all day long… he is just… I can’t believe how hard he works. And he took this on, but I think that he will be great,” she said.

Speaking of great, the stage that Seacrest will be on this year ain’t half bad itself — for the first time ever, it’s in the round.

And what are DeGeneres’ plans for the Emmys this weekend (she’s up for an award for her hosting duties for the 79th Annual Academy Awards)?

“If I win, I will go backstage and do press and leave and if I lose, I will storm out.” she joked.

Now back to Ellen’s full-time gig — the multiple-Emmy winning talk show host plans to be much more topical during season five of her show.

“I want people to talk about what’s goin’ on,” she told Potts.

“On that note, let’s do a little topical stuff about what has been happening lately — give me the first thought that comes to mind when I show you the picture,” Potts proposed.

(Potts shows a picture of Posh Spice)

DeGeneres: “Posh Spice! She is going to be on the show — that is my first. And, uh, I like her hair.”

(Potts shows a picture of Justin Timberlake)

DeGeneres: “I adore him!”

(Potts shows a picture of Rosie O’Donnell)

DeGeneres: “Uh, very smart woman, and uh, the opposite of me. She could care less what people think, and I do care what people think. And, she also says whatever is on her mind and she is very smart and, um… you know, god bless her.”

(Potts shows a picture of Whoopi Goldberg)

DeGeneres: “Um, very smart very funny — we’re going to kick her ass!”

(Potts shows a picture of Ellen’s girlfriend, Portia de Rossi)

Potts: “How did that get in there?!”

DeGeneres: “Aww, the most amazing woman on the planet!”

DeGeneres will pass the Oscar-hosting baton back to Jon Stewart, who hosted 2 years ago — he’ll return to host the 80th Annual Academy Awards, on Feb. 24, 2008!