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Ellen DeGeneres can't resist touching Taylor Lautner's killer abs

The talk show host and the "Scream Queens" star shared a moment on Wednesday.
/ Source: TODAY

Ellen DeGeneres got up close and personal with Taylor Lautner — like, really up close and personal.

On Wednesday, the talk-show host and the super-ripped "Scream Queens" star recalled his previous visit to the "Ellen DeGeneres Show " set when a female fan began caressing his abs.

"She kept rubbing your stomach up and down," DeGeneres said as they both watched a throwback video of the episode. "She was petting you. Do women do that a lot?"

"Sometimes, yes," said Lautner, 24. "I guess because they watched it onscreen, they feel like it's theirs. It's so strange. They don't even ask. They just reach over and start touching me as I'm talking to them."

DeGeneres then asked the "Twilight" star if he enjoyed rubbing his own toned torso. "If I had a stomach like that, I would just rub it all the time," she confessed before lunging toward him to cop a feel for herself.

"Scream Queens" star Taylor Lautner and Ellen DeGeneresMichael Rozman / Warner Bros.

"I just want to touch it," she said as the audience howled with laughter.

But, DeGeneres isn't the only one getting up close to Lautner. Over the summer, the actor shared an Instagram shot of himself feeding a giraffe a carrot right out of his mouth.

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Lautner confessed that it was actually the second time he's shared such a feeding-time face nuzzle, and the first time the animal's tongue got into his mouth!

"I think it's cool that I can say I've swapped saliva with a giraffe," he joked.

Something tells us his ab-crazy fans won't be turned off one bit.