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Do you see a lake or a wall? This optical illusion is confusing the internet

What do you see? Let us know!
/ Source: TODAY

This recent optical illusion is driving us up a wall... literally.

At first the photograph, originally posted by Imgur user Bruuntilde, simply appears to show a lake scene with mountains in the distance and green shrubbery all around. However, some folks see something else entirely!

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What do you see in the photo?

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A little further...

Alright, let's take a look.

The "lake" is actually a concrete wall. Mind blown!

optical illusion
optical illusionBruuntilde / imgur

That's right, there is actually no lake in the scene, despite what your eyes may be telling you. From a distance, the trick wall looks like a lake, but is actually just concealing the bottom half of the mountainous landscape in the background.

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We'll never trust our eyes again!