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Dianna Agron's Engagement to I Am Number Four Costar Nothing but Sci-Fi?

Dianna Agron may be Alex Pettyfer's No. 1 right now, but she isn't his fiance.
/ Source: E!online

Dianna Agron may be Alex Pettyfer's No. 1 right now, but she isn't his fiance.

Reps for both actors said Thursday that reports of the I Am Number Four costars being engaged are "not true."

Seriously, Jay Leno didn't even ask the Glee cheerleader about it on The Tonight Show! But he probably didn't read the latest issue of Sugar, either.

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"What happened to responsible journalism?" Agron tweeted on Jan. 20, the day after her interview with the British magazine hit the stands (but not the Web). "Answer combining &printing different questions than the ones asked to justify the story you really want to print just isn't cool...C'est la vie. Dollars and cents."

Her rep suggested today that perhaps Agron's comments to the mag were taken out of context, leading to a few sites jumping the gun on the betrothal front.

"Alex might see himself as a bad boy, but he's actually very sweet in real life. It's important to have your differences in any relationship," Agron told Sugar, according to Us Weekly, one of the engagement theorists. "I wouldn't want to be dating a carbon copy of myself. That would just be boring."

So the cute little couple are, indeed, a couple, but it sounds like they're still in the tentatively adoring phase.

But that means they've sure fooled Agron's Glee compatriots. A source on the set told the Awful Truth today that Agron and Pettyfer are living together and they seem quite serious, it not technically engaged.

And you know what's really boring? Having a relationship without having to shoot down engagement rumors from time to time. Bo-ring.

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