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David Spade and Heather Locklear have split

Looks like David Spade’s lucky streak is over.

The actor’s rebound romance with Heather Locklear has ended, according to In Touch Weekly. The star of “The Showbiz Show” hooked up with Locklear after her split from rocker hubby Richie Sambora, and reportedly “isn’t happy” about the split.

“Heather isn’t in a rush to get into another serious relationship,” a “pal” told the mag. Her spokeswoman didn’t respond to The Scoop’s request for comment.

Locklear is not looking back to get with Sambora, who has hooked up with  — and reportedly dumped— her former best friend, Denise Richards, according to In Touch. That may not be an issue. Reports that Richards and Sambora have split may have been greatly exaggerated.

“Denise and Richie are still together,” Richards’s rep told Us Weekly. She has reportedly joined him with his band, Bon Jovi, which is on tour — though he’s not eager to publicize it. “Richie was just being a rock star,” a source told the mag. “His public and private personae are different. When you’re a rock star, being carefree is part of the game.”

Mommy from the blockIs Jennifer Lopez making a little J. Lo?

Rumors that the diva is with child — reported here a while back — resurfaced after Lopez cancelled an overseas tour.

Lopez was also spotted with what appeared to be a bit of a tummy as well as undyed roots in her hair — often an indication of an expecting Mom who wants to protect  her unborn child from the potentially harmful chemicals.

Lopez’s rep couldn’t be reached at press time.

Notes from all overWill “The DaVinci Code” have a blockbuster opening? Professional bettors are laying odds that it won’t. On-line PinnacleSports.com, the Internet’s largest gambling site, is laying 4 to 1 odds that it won’t be this summer’s hottest flick. The site lists “The Da Vinci Code” with the worst odds to win the battle at the box office this summer behind “X-Men: The Last Stand” (6/5), “Superman Returns” (2/1), and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man’s Chest” (9/4).  . . .Michael Jackson is really kicking himself for those anti-Semitic comments, says a source. The comments attributed to the prince of pop will keep him away from sleeping over at the King of Rock and Roll’s house. Israeli-born psychic Uri Geller recently bought a Memphis house Elvis Presley lived in before he bought Graceland. “Uri and Michael were big buddies before those comments,” says a source. “But [Geller] ended the friendship because of them. Michael is obsessed with Elvis, but there’s no way that Uri is going to let him visit now.”  . . .Dave Navarro insists he’s not gay, but told DotNewsMagazine that if he were, he’d be hot for the “obvious” choice of Johnny Depp.

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