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David Letterman reveals his most intriguing guest and we think you'll be surprised

"I found her spirit to be huge," the TV legend said.
/ Source: TODAY

David Letterman has interviewed thousands of people in his illustrious career, but which one really stands out to him?

The former “Late Night” host, who now hosts Netflix’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” opened up about what person has stuck with him the most and pointed out Lizzo as the one who made a real impact on him.

Letterman, 74, was asked on SiriusXM’s "Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart" podcast which guest he found the most intriguing.

“When I say intriguing, and I'm going to say the guests that you found yourself most shocked and amazed at their mindset,” Hart asked.

“Where you find a person's approach to life, understanding to life, where they are, what they're doing, and it's wrapped up into a small conversation, but it really makes you go, ‘Wow! That was a dope conversation. The energy that that person just put out, I received. That person's got some good energy that gets put out,’” he added. “Who hit you with a ball of refreshing energy that you can remember to date?”

Lizzo and David Letterman together on "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction" in 2020.Courtesy of Netfix

“Based on your elaboration of ‘intrigue,’ it was a young woman who lives in Los Angeles who's in the music world, very successful, by the name of Lizzo,” Letterman said. “My prior expectation of this experience was, at its best, neutral.”

The 'Truth Hurts" singer had been a musical guest on “The Late Show” in 2014 before she became a household name but Letterman said he did more research on her for about six weeks to prepare for his interview with her on his current talk show.

He said their conversation made quite an impression on him.

Letterman's interview with the Grammy winner was a powerful experience for him.Courtesy of Netfix

“But almost everything you said about my reaction to her after the fact, happened,” he said. “Delighted. Comfortable. Didn't want to leave. Wanted to stay in her house. Wanted to help her. I wanted to go around and find out who was handling her, and I wanted to screen them.

“I wanted to make sure she was being taken care of because I found her spirit, Kevin, to be — and maybe I'm hyperbolic here on this — but I found her spirit to be huge, not like anything I had experienced. I know there are people like that. And I know there are people like that in show business, but this particular episode, I was delighted by — still am.”

Letterman’s response does come with an asterisk because he didn’t take into account his 33-year stay in late night, which featured many memorable interviews and moments.

“Well that doesn't answer your question,” he said. “Well, not the nightly show. I would have to go back and think about that.”

Lizzo may be tough to top, though.

“Recently, I think that she had the greatest impact on me,” Letterman said. “I don't mean to be selling others short, but it's just when you elaborate it, I thought it's still her.”