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Dave finally reveals his ‘Desperate’ plot

More people are becoming "Desperate" in Fairview. Dave Williams is seeing his dead family, while Porter and Preston Scavo pull an identical twin switcheroo.
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Twin killing: The flames of the fire that burned down the White Horse club continue to burn for another week. Cops came to arrest young Porter Scavo, and Tom thought the family's emergency fund would pay his son's bail. What he doesn't know is that Lynette handed that money to Anne Schilling to get her to leave town (Did she think Tom would NEVER find out about this?) They successfully bailed Porter out, only to have Anne's brutal husband Warren threaten to make him disappear. Which he did, with identical twin Preston filling in for him in court. Yeah, this case is going well.

Creepy Dave sees dead people: As most viewers successfully guessed from Day One, Dave Williams is the widower of the woman and five-year-old girl who were killed in the car accident with Mike and Susan five years ago. The accident is what drove Mike and Susan apart, and Dave blames Mike for the loss of his family. Dave's now seeing his lost family walking around, and in the final scene, he promised them at their graves that he would make sure Mike loses "what I lost." In other words, Susan and M.J. shouldn't buy any green bananas.

Mommy and Daddy, sittin' in a tree: Speaking of M.J., he was less than thrilled about going on outings with Mike and Katherine, throwing a hot-fudge sundae at her and dropping a bowling ball on her foot. It's no real surprise that Susan has been holding out hope for a reunion with Mike, and apparently she's been feeding M.J. her dreams, too. Mike tried to point out that they're both dating others now, but when confronted, he couldn't deny that he didn't have some interest in Susan. Yeah, well, better not get too attached with Creepy Dave in town.

O say can you see?: The promised operation gave Carlos back his sight, and he began to discover that Gaby had been slowly selling off their possessions to keep the family afloat. She'd even sold his grandfather's Lou Gehrig-autographed baseball to a horny Italian who would agree to give it back to her if she danced on a table for him. She eventually danced and got the ball back, only to have Carlos turn around and sell it for money to buy her a designer gown, having since discovered how much she'd sacrificed during his five years of blindness. The storyline was a little "Gift of the Magi," but Carlos and Gaby remain about the only likable couple on this show, so no complaining, here.

Here come the grooms: Bree and Orson discovered that Orson's plastic surgeon, Alex, is also Andrew's new boyfriend. And because things move really, really fast on Wisteria Lane, not only are they living together, they're engaged. Bree invited the only other gay men she apparently knows, neighbors Lee and Bob, over to meet her son's new love, and they recognized him from gay porn. But when Bree tried to drop that little bomb on her son, she discovered Alex had been honest about his past and Andrew didn't care. An honest person in Fairview? A secret from someone's past that didn't take eight weeks to play out? Is this still "Desperate Housewives"?

A little too much information about Tom Scavo: After Porter confesses he went over to Edie Britt's house, dad Tom explodes. "What is wrong with girls your own age? Do you know what I would give to date a 17-year-old?"

Doctors outrank dentists:Bree to Andrew after learning he's dating Orson's surgeon: "Did you think I'd disapprove? You've done better than I did!"Orson, only mildly insulted: "Well, that was a bit of a drive-by!"

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