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Daddy issues! Warlow meets his maker on 'True Blood'

Hey, Warlow! Who's your daddy?

Sunday was a Father's Day of sorts on "True Blood," but it sure wasn't a holiday. Instead, it was time to take a closer look at the dads of Bon Temps and all the dark drama that surrounds them.

Dad? Mom? Billith?
It all started when Sookie had her deadly ball-o-light aimed at Warlow. But rather than firing at will, she gave the ancient vamp a chance to explain himself. He told her he was no danger to her at all. In fact, that whole killing-her-parents-thing from so long ago? It was just a big misunderstanding. He didn't want to kill them, but they wanted to kill her -- so he didn't really have a choice.


After hearing that bombshell, Sookie slammed Warlow with enough light that the sensation reverberated all the way to his maker. And just who sired the oldest living half-vampire? Well…

"As your maker, I command you: Come with me," Bill, suddenly on the scene, said to Warlow.


As it turns out, proto-vamp Lilith made Warlow what he is, so Billith is his proud pop. Bill's also the man still looking for some magical fairy blood -- and it doesn't get much more magical than what Warlow has.

Still a father to one fairy
As for Bill's other progeny, Jessica, she looked on with horror as Andy Bellefleur discovered his dead daughters strewn all over the living room of the Compton estate. She beat a hasty retreat just a little too soon to see that there was actually one survivor among fae -- barely.

A desperate Andy carried No. 1 (or was it 2 or 3 or maybe 4 -- he really should have named those girls) back to the station and dished up some V, fresh from the evidence locker. It was enough to save her.

Son of a dog
Alcide had his dad safely by his side as he continued his quest to find Sam the shifter, Sam's pesky new pal and little Emma. After talking up the locals at a backwoods bar (to little affect), Alcide decided to turn to dad for advice.

But Jackson just had a question for his son. "Are you doing this 'cause you think it's the right thing to do, or are you doing it to impress that piece of …?" Ahem! He meant Rikki, the official pack troublemaker.

With those words barely out of Jackson's mouth, Alcide threw him to the floor and warned him to obey his pack master.

Just one problem with that. Jackson never joined his son's pack -- which seems like reason enough not to tell Alcide about his Sam-spotting the following morning.

Devoted dad
When Eric learned that the LAVTF goons took Pam to Vamp Camp (now home to half the fangers in Bon Temp -- including Jess), he and Tara turned themselves in.

It almost seemed like a good idea; that is until the governor (with more than a little help from the former Mrs. Steve Newlin and the current vampire Steve Newlin) decided to get revenge on Eric for turning his daughter into a member of the undead.

Eric was put in a room with a stake and forced to face off against his only other progeny -- Pam.

In an earlier psych experiment, Pam claimed she felt nothing for he maker, but it was clear by the looks on both of their faces, that was neither true nor mutual.

Deadly daddy
Sookie was desperate to find out if what Warlow said about her parents was true. That's the only reason she would possibly consider asking Lafayette to reach out to the great beyond and get the inside scoop. After all, when he pulls his Miss Cleo routine, things rarely go well.

And this time was no exception. It seems Papa Stackhouse really did want to kill Sookie -- to keep Warlow from getting his fairy-vampire hands on her. To make matter worse, he still wants to kill her. Now that he's in control of Lafayette's body, he just might do it too.

Expect all of the daddy drama to carry over to next week. After all, Eric has a big choice to make, Andy has a big loss to get revenge for and Sookie's dad still has some work to do if he's really going to keep her down.