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Clicky bits: Betty White offends Letterman; 'X Factor' welcomes Cole

• While promoting her new book, “If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t),” on “Late Show With David Letterman", small screen legend Betty White inadvertently offended the host. Letterman flipped through the pages only to find a photo of White with his late night rival, Jay Leno. “Kill me,” Letterman snapped playfully. “Just kill me. Go ahead. Kill me right now.” White apologized and explained the shot by saying, “I lost a bet.”

• While the current and upcoming “X Factor” announcements won’t be much of a shock, given the fact that show creator Simon Cowell spoiled the suspense in an interview last week, the latest news at least officially confirms one of Cowell’s teasers. Girls Aloud singer and U.K. TV talent judge Cheryl Cole is a lock for the show’s panel. Cole confirmed the news Thursday, stating, “I can’t wait to get started.” She'll share the “X”-panel with Cowell, record producer L.A. Reid, and most likely, Paula Abdul.

• “Lost” fans who’ve found that they miss island eye candy Sawyer more than those convoluted mysteries are in luck. Actor Josh Holloway cowboys up for a primetime appearance on “Community” Thursday night. In the first installment of the two-part season finale, Holloway plays a man dead set on beating Jeff in his strongest subject at Greendale Community College — kicking butt and looking hot while playing ultimate paintball.

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