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Chelsea Handler, Matt Lauer call end to 'feud'

Is there anyone Chelsea Handler doesn't have a feud with? Well, after Monday, there's a chance she's at least smoothed things over with TODAY's Matt Lauer.

"Aren't you supposed to notify me that you're ending the feud in some tweet or phone call or something?" Lauer wondered.

"I emailed you, but then it said you had a 'Chelsea block' so it didn't go through," she deadpanned.

Handler was really on to remind everyone that her show "After Lately," a mockumentary about what goes on behind-the-scenes at "Chelsea Lately" returned for its third season on Feb. 25. She noted that this season they'd be featuring fellow NBC names like Kathie Lee Gifford and Jay Leno, along with other celebrities who don't mind poking fun of themselves, or being poked fun of.

"My friends are very cool about being on," she said. "Jay Leno ... I make fun of him because ... he's a ridiculous human being and he deserves to made fun of.... A lot of funny stuff happens behind the scenes -- as you well know, you work on a show with many people -- so a lot of stuff happens behind the scenes that people wouldn't really believe."

Tune in for some unbelievable stuff on Mondays at 10:30 p.m., when "After Lately" airs on E!.

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