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Brody's back: 'Homeland' trailer gives glimpses of each character you worried about

Showtime has just dropped three minutes of "Homeland" goodness with the new trailer for the series' third season. Set to the dark melody of Cinematic Orchestra's "To Build a Home," in the short clip released ahead of the Sept. 29 premiere, fans are treated to a glimpse inside the lives of just about every character you've spent the hiatus months worrying about. 

After re-setting the scene where season two ended, we catch glimpses of Carrie, who appears to be going back down the dark rabbit hole of her mental illness struggles; Peter Quinn is assembling some sort of explosive (when he's not engaged in gunfire in other scene snippets).

And what about Brody? Even though we know he's not in the first episodes of the season, he's here in this trailer: shot, bald, and apparently in the Middle East. Back at home, his teenage daughter looks more beleaguered than ever (and hopefully an explanation for the troubling selfie she's taking is coming soon). And then there's Saul, poor Saul. As the trailer comes to a close, he leans in to Carrie, and simply says in his gravelly, tender whisper, "I am so sorry." 

So are we, for not knowing the exact context of the apology, and having to wait more than a month to find out. In the meantime, you can also check out this " target="_blank">audio-only teaser released in July.