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Britney Spears speaks out

Pop star talks motherhood and dismisses rumors that her marriage is over
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Britney Spears is speaking out — and she's got plenty to say.

Is Kevin living in the basement? Is motherhood everything she thought it would be?

And who is the new man hanging around her and Sean Preston? Well, you're about to find out.

As a young woman with a lot on her plate, and even more on her mind, the time has come for Britney to open up, as she sat down with NBC's Matt Lauer.

The first topic: life as a mom.

“Motherhood is amazing,” Britney beamed.

“Is it what you thought it would be?” Lauer asked.

“It's more,” she revealed. “You could never possibly realize you could love something that much.”

A 6-month-pregnant Britney opened up to Lauer in a “Dateline” special about her son Sean P and her husband of almost 2 years — Kevin Federline.

“What is it about Kevin that makes you love him?” Lauer asked.

“He's very simple. Women complicate everything. He's so simple. His simplicity… he cares so much and is heart is awesome,” she gushed. “He has a really big heart and I love that.”

“As a husband, how is he?” Lauer followed up.

“Amazing. Very good,” Britney said.

Britney also confronted the tabloid rumors that her marriage is in trouble.

Matt showed Britney the covers of some recent magazines with headlines reading “Britney Moves On Without Kevin” and “Brit's New Man.”

“Oh no, that's my security guard,” she explained.

“This one says ‘The Final Days’ and ‘Fed Up With Kevin's Lies.’ It says he's sleeping in the basement, that the marriage is over, there are problems in paradise and it's not going to last,” Lauer said, showing her even more mags.

“You know what, I need to create my own magazine. These people, they want stories to sell and they're very good,” Britney said. “I need to come up with my own magazine and say the real deal.”

As for the “real deal” about Kevin's ex-girlfriend and mother of his two kids Shar Jackson?

“He left his girlfriend when she was pregnant. Did that bother you?” Lauer asked. “Did you stop and think that it was a very delicate situation?”

For that answer and more, tune in to Wednesday's Access Hollywood and for the complete interview, make sure to tune in to “Dateline” at 9 p.m. on Thursday