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Beloved TV moms reveal their favorite moments — and the other TV moms they love

In honor of Mother's Day, we caught up with Patricia Heaton, Wendi McLendon-Covey and other favorite TV moms.
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As we celebrate our own moms this Mother's Day, we're also taking a look back at some of the moms who've brought us humor and comfort on some of our favorite TV shows.

Below, see what the actors behind these beloved TV moms had to say about their own characters — and the other TV matriarchs they admire.

Patricia Heaton: Debra Barone, 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

Everybody Loves Raymond
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How I’d describe my character: Debra was overworked and underappreciated — like most moms!

The best advice my character gave: I think Debra’s advice to other moms would be, “Love your in-laws — from a distance!”

Favorite mom moment: I love the episode "The Angry Family," where one of the twins reads a book out loud to his class and all the parents about a Barone family fight. We’ve all had those moments when our kid exposes our flaws!

What I learned from my character: Marriage and motherhood is about commitment, patience, forgiveness and a sense of humor.

The best part about playing a mom: What I loved about "Everybody Loves Raymond" is that it so closely mirrored my own day-to-day life that I didn’t have to do any research for the role.

The other TV moms I admire: I love all the crazy, flawed moms like Roseanne, Lucy and Beverly Goldberg.

Wendi McLendon-Covey: Beverly Goldberg, 'The Goldbergs'

ABC's "The Goldbergs" - Season One
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How I’d describe my character: I would describe Beverly Goldberg as a helicopter parent who reacts first and apologizes later!

The best advice my character gave: The best advice my character ever gave was to Adam, when he wasn't cast as Jesus in his drama department performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar": "Adam, sometimes you've just gotta be 'Todd' the Apostle." Meaning that being part of an ensemble is no less important than being the star.

Favorite mom moment: My favorite moments playing Beverly are when she's trying to hype up her kids and make them feel confident, even if it's for something they're really not that good at. She wants her kids to believe that they're as special as she believes they are.

What I learned from my character: What I've learned from playing Beverly is that it's possible to love your work family as much as you love your real family.

The best part about playing a mom: The best part about playing Beverly Goldberg is getting direct messages from fans telling me that they wish I was their mother, or that I remind them of their moms. I don't know why that makes me so happy, but it does!

The other TV moms I admire: My favorite TV moms would be Lucille Bluth ("Arrested Development"), Marie Barone ("Everybody Loves Raymond"), Estelle Costanza ("Seinfeld") and Peggy Hill ("King of the Hill.")

Constance Marie: Angie Lopez, 'George Lopez'

"The George Lopez Show"
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How I’d describe my character: She is an overbearing optimist! She is also an enthusiastic problem solver! She truly loves and enjoys being a mother and takes that job very seriously.

The best advice my character gave: The advice that really stays in my mind is when Angie taught Carmen the lesson of integrity, loyalty and friendship. Just because the mean/cool girls at school are teasing a friend, and you feel peer pressure to behave the same to be accepted, DO NOT get caught up following that “bullying group think.” Instead stay true to who you are and be a good friend!

Favorite mom moment: Was when Angie was helping Max dealing with his dyslexia. Max felt it made him inferior if he admitted it and he wanted to avoid it. Instead, Angie pressed him to deal with the hard truth head on. He learned that everyone has difficult things they have to deal with. That it was better for him to acknowledge it, so he could get help and learn coping mechanisms so he could do well in school and in life.

What I learned from my character: I played Angie Lopez even before I was a mom, so she taught me A LOT. ALL the storylines with all the problems kids deal with and how to navigate those issues was a wonderful teacher for me. And working with those two wonderful actors Masiela Lusha and Luis Armand Garcia, and their sweetness, made it super easy to love and mother them!

The best part about playing a mom: Getting to be the boss! Actually, one of the sweetest perks was the feedback from all the fans. Many of them would approach me and say, “I wish I had a mom like Angie.”

The other TV moms I admire: I always love the classics! Both Patricia Heaton in "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Raven-Symoné in "Raven’s Home" are HILARIOUS!

John Roberts: Linda Belcher, 'Bob’s Burgers'

FOX's "Bob's Burgers" - Season Seven
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How I’d describe my character: Linda is a force to be reckoned with. A true East Coast mom who would do anything for her children.

The best advice my character gave: Only strippers shave above the knee.

Favorite mom moment for my character: Putting up the Christmas tree.

What I learned from my character: Life is filled with ups and downs, but it’s the little tender moments and how we love each other and treat each other that matter the most.

The best part about playing a mom: Feeling the love.

The other TV moms I admire: Louise Jefferson, Alice from "Alice," Edith Bunker, Mrs. Partridge, Peggy Bundy, Lily Munster.