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Best Oscar quotes: No squirrel for Lawrence

Before Hollywood's hugest stars slip into the Kodak Theatre for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, they stop and talk to Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic on E!'s Live From the Red Carpet. Here's some of the best, funniest and strangest things they had to say:

"I had to learn how to chop wood and handle a gun and hit squirrels. I had to learn from a hunter. But, yeah, I've been off squirrel ever since." --Jennifer Lawrence, on how she perpared for her role in Winter's Bone

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"We got SWAT teams and helicopters and blimps. I don't know how your heart can't be pounding right now." --Josh Hutcherson, explaining his anticipation on the red carpet

"It is an experience akin to nothing else. He is the most graciously intelligent human being probably ever, and just the way he runs his sets is just like he's an emperor." --Armie Hammer, dishing to Ryan what it was like working with director David Fincher on The Social Network

"Honestly, it's crazy. I try not to analyze it too much because it freaks me out." --Hailee Steinfeld, on how she feels about being nominated for an Academy Award at 14 years old

"With this performance it's very calm and it's a very emotional song so I think I'm going to try to concentrate on the feeling of the music and not staring at people." --Florence Welch, on whether she recognizes people in the audience when she performs

"Well, Ryan, it's not that hard for me to find the feistiness!" --Amy Adams, on how she channeled her character in The Fighter

"I didn't get a pass or shoot the ball once, so I think you'd have to ask him what it was like to play in the game. I'm just more the decoy under the hoop." --Zachary Levi, revealing to Ryan what it's like to play basketball with Justin Bieber

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"I was taking pictures of anything that I could see that would be of any interest." --Mark Ruffalo, on how he couldn't stop tweeting on the red carpet

"It looks like he tied his own bowtie. Mine's a clip-on." --Geoffery Rush, commenting on The Kids Are All Right costar Mark Ruffalo's Oscar attire

"Oh my God, I can't sleep at night! When I first tried on my dress it was like two, three nights ago, and I'm like, 'OK, I don't want to sleep. I don't want to take it off!'"--Jennifer Hudson, dishing on her new body

"I feel OK right now. I haven't slept in a week."--Gwyneth Paltrow, revealing to Ryan that she's nervous to perform

"When I was presenting last time I'd only had two hours sleep and I don't remember anything!"--Sandra Bullock, revealing how this year's show is different for her

"After a good couple of shots of tequila you are ready."--Javier Bardem, when asked how he recovered from his physically demanding role in Biutiful

"I'm only nervous because my wife and other daughters are watching this right now." --Steven Spielberg, when asked if presenting on live TV scares him