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Beatles' 'Help!' jackets are going up for auction

The Beatles (from left, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney) looked pretty snazzy in 1965's "Help!" Two of the jackets worn in the film could be worth thousands.

"Beatles for Sale" was the title of the Fab Four's fourth album. 50 years later, it's still an on-the-nose phrase, as the coats Ringo Starr and George Harrison wore in the band's 1965 film "Help!" are set to go on the auction block in March.

According to a press release from Omega Auctions, which will host the sale on March 20 in Liverpool, the jackets come from "Help!" director Richard Lester's collection, and are expected to sell for more than $82,000. 

"The jackets were worn throughout the five days of filming in the Alps and also feature on the iconic album cover of the soundtrack," the release added.

The coats are part of more than 200 lots of memorabilia and vinyl records that will be available. Omega is keeping mum about what else will be sold, but teased, "Watch this space for details of another star lot, a fantastic piece of Beatles history estimated ($82,000 - $115,000)."

The jackets aren't the only unusual Beatles memorabilia to go on the block. Items ranging from the expected (photos and rare vinyl) to the highly unusual are regularly auctioned off. Last year, Omega sold 61 images from the band's 1965 Shea Stadium performance for about $50,000.

Other interesting Beatles items that sold over the years include:

Time to open up the piggy banks, though the buyer may need a little ... "Help!"